Coelux Light, bringing the sun underground

CoeLux is an LED panel that mimics precisely the “feel” of the sun and the sky. One of the most the interesting parts about  The CoeLux is how it achieves this. The CoeLux compresses the effect of 10km worth of oxygen, nitrogen, and argon into a 1cm solid panel. Artificial sunlight is then projected through the panel perfectly reproducing natural daylight. In the past engineers have tried to reproduce the Sun’s natural light spectrum. However, there was no accurate way to do so, short of traveling beyond of earth’s atmosphere.


For a sense of added realism, the CoeLux is available in multiple sizes and angles mimicking different places on the world’s axis.


Though the design and apparent quality of this unit is astonishing, it will cost roughly £40,000 plus installation; putting the Coelux unit beyond the reach of any reasonable consumer for now.


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