About Us


Launched in 2015, Toronto based company Market Maison is your trusted source for the best Design, Quality, and Value consumer products available online.


At Market Maison, we strive to inspire and educate our audience on the best available options in design. Our team of designers keep an eye out for latest products, designs, and deals for both inside and outside the home. We accurately evaluate worthy products and provide our viewers with advice on what to buy.


The world is full of poorly made products at absurd pricing, and we believe that great design shouldn’t be kept a secret! We deliver quality content on our website and across all of our social media platforms.


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Design at Market Maison. Quality Furniture Online Store. Toronto, Canada. About Us Page




Our Beliefs


  • Your shopping experience should come at no hassle! We make it efficient, convenient, and without any hidden layers.



  • We like to be Generous! The best way to make someone happy is to create happy memories. We’d like you to experience that with us.



  • We have no middle person to add unnecessary fees. The only transaction we believe is fair, is a direct transaction between you and the product.



  • No Shipping Fees! We hate paying for shipping, and we didn’t want you to pay for it either. Shipping charges are the downfall of any and every online store. We want you to pay the price you came shopping for. (Applicable for those residing in Canada and/or USA, please refer to Customer Support for more information).



  • We are real people behind the operations at the Market Maison. We put time and effort into sourcing fantastic deals and unique finds for you. This is why everything we do, we do with great pleasure, exploring the best ways to connect with you and learn your preferences. 



  • We are transparent and open to communication. We believe that communication is key, and it should act as an invitation to any trusting friendship that embraces sincerity, transparency, and comfort. That is why we love to hear from you should you have any questions regarding the Website or our products. 


Design at Market Maison. Quality Furniture Online Store. Toronto, Canada. About Us Page




We operate on Three Pillars: Design, Quality, and Value


What does DESIGN mean to us?

We look at Design as a method of problem solving. A good design is meant to solve problems in aesthetically efficient way. Great design encompasses functionality while using minimal effort. At Market Maison, we only source products that encompass such qualities of design.


How do we portray QUALITY?

As quality defines the degree of excellence, we define quality products based on their make, materials, and the craftsmanship involved. We only bring quality pieces to your attention, as we believe products shouldn’t be designed any other way.


How much does VALUE mean to us?

When tying in quality products used to create great design, the potential is limitless, and pricing can skyrocket too. We think that there is a limit on how much you should pay for a product with great features, and that comes in its value. Value at Market Maison means that, you’re getting a beautifully designed quality product that beats competition in its price.


Design, Quality, and Value at Market Maison. Online Furniture Store. Toronto, Canada. About Us Page



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