5 Fun Ways To Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

We are at the height of summer which means many people are spending more time outside enjoying all that nature has to offer.  However, if you are someone who can’t spend as much time outdoors as you would like, here are five fun ways to bring some of that plant life into your home.


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If you are looking to add a splash of green to your home or office, but don’t want to worry about overgrown sprawling leaves, terrariums could be for you.

The Cube Brass and Glass Terrarium by Danya B, offers a sleek home for your budding ecosystem.  With its clear glass walls and tilted angle, this piece of living sculpture will work well with most furnishing styles.  This 7″ cube is available on overstock.com for $35.10 putting it in-line with other similar products on the market.


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Second on our list is the Grovert Living Wall Kit, Chalkboard.  Swap out the paintings and adorn you walls with this piece of living art! This easy to use planter has 10 cells for a variety of plants and a built-in moisture mat to protect your walls. Unique to this model is the chalkboard coated frame which allows for easy labeling if you decide to use this for your herbs.  Retailing on houzz.com at $95.00 makes this frame a little expensive, but still in keeping with similar products.


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Taking a more traditional approach are the Assembly/ Bohemian Magical Thinking Hanging Planters, by Urban Outfitters. Shown as a set of three but sold separately, each piece is made from a thin metal body which makes it lightweight, easy to clean, and right in touch with current trends. The diamond and circle models come in a lighter bronze finish (golden brass) and use refined metal wire as body halos to attach the hanging chain.  The larger crescent model comes in a darker bronze finish (similar to copper) and is suspended from the peaks on either end of the body.  Available only online, they retail as followed:

Eos Hanging Planter – $39.00

Theia Hanging Planter – $32.00

Crescent Hanging Planter – $24.00


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The Large Letter Planter by Succulent Gardens puts a personal spin on planters with their custom letter frames.  All models are fully made from reclaimed wood in California, which creates an interesting contrast between the rustic features of the expired wood and the blooming life of the succulent plants.  Either buy a single letter or have fun spelling out words on your walls.  All frame models are sold online on sgplants.com for $169.00.


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Last on our list are the Hexagonal Wall Vases sold by Dig Gardens.  Offered as singles, doubles or sets of three, these petite planters are fully modular, allowing you to create customizable patterns! Retailing at $18.99, these nifty vases are a great deal.


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