8 Realistic DIY Projects


We all see tons of DIY projects online, but more often than not, you need to be some sort of engineering/cabinetmaking background for the project to come out properly. So we have outlined eight realistic DIY projects for any skill level. These projects will also help you learn the fundamentals and get you using your tools.



This project combines white painted table legs with a wooden countertop. Burning the cedar gives it the black charred top look, which in-turn increases its durability to the elements. Use cedar for the best results.

By The Felted Fox



Another direction that people are moving towards is attaching pre-fab legs to large live-edge wood slabs. Most table legs can be purchased through IKEA or Homedepot while the wood slabs are usually available at most specialty wood shops.


DIY Table de nuit graphique 10

With the right colours, you can add a cool accent to existing furniture, such as this nightstand. It can be easily done using painters tape and a little bit of patience.

By Paris-Lareunion


This project takes a bit of time to wait for the glue to dry, but it’s easy to do provided you have a way to clamp and cut it.

Via DIY candy 



This is a very simple project made of threaded gas pipe and a wooden slab. The overall design is rustic, but the wooden countertop can be replaced with other types of wood or stone to achieve the desired effect.

By Bob Villa



The copper lamp is a great diy project that looks great and is relatively quick to build. As a bonus, this project requires no soldering.

By I spy DIY

UO DIY BOOK BENCH-126 he Classroom Collective

Four weathered wood panels held together by L brackets, a quick project that’s easy to build and can give any room a touch of character.

By The Classroom Collective


Concrete is the perfect building material its cheap and easy to work with it’s a lot like baking. Follow the outlined ratio of water to concrete mix package and simply wait for it to dry. In this particular project you partially cover a balloon with concrete and wait 24 hours. Once dry, pop and remove the balloon. Follow the link to see various projects people have done using this material.

Cement Lamp


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