8 Unique Lighting Options For Inspiration


The concrete and exposed wire is reminiscent of a destroyed building it’s a grungy design that would fit in some spaces. We love the uniqueness but can’t recommend this design for everyone. Via Nwelt



Asymmetry is often viewed as a mistake or imperfection but in certain instances can be used as a powerful design element, like in this case. Don’t be afraid to use asymmetrical accent pieces throughout your home; they can often bring life to plain spaces. by H2 Design + Build



The Nimba by Antoni Arola is a minimalist ring light design that provides soft light through a diffuser. This light will certainly provide a unique ambience to any space in which it is featured.



Led panels behind small wooden “windows ” creating a dynamic mosaic of light. The interactivity of this piece is unique, though we are not sure how the installation would fare for retail consumers.  By Francesca Rogers and Danile Gualeni



Although black and gold can be a tacky combination, this modern chandelier works wells by using the gold as an accent to reflect the soft yellow Edison bulbs. We are seeing a steady rise of this “reclaimed modern” trend emerging in the market, and we love it. By Lambert & Fils



The matte surface of the wood coupled with the light makes it a subtle accent for a room. We love the uniqueness of this lamp though it’s practical light producing application is questionable (based on this photo).



This S-shaped LED panel can add indirect light to any room giving it depth. We love the Ying and Yang effect this light produces through its use of negative space. VIA picmia



This eccentric steam-punk inspired design adds an element of fun to any room. We could see this style working well in a commercial setting. If you have a hat store and don’t have this light, you may want to re-think the decisions you have made with your life. VIA Homepolish


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