Animaro Design & Their Dynamic Furniture

This week, we take a look at London based Animaro Design studio. Founded in 2015 by Matt Gilbert, this studio has already received huge media attention with their invention of a movable light design, the Crane Lamp. All the attention didn’t come for nothing: the lamp’s design was featured on Kickstarter showcasing all the craftsmanship involved in the development of this unique piece. Have a look for yourself! (VIDEO ATTACHED)


Mechanically Adjustable Crane Lamp by Animaro.


Design 9/10

The lamp’s unique feature comes from the beauty of its mechanical movement. Today’s urban development moves away from mechanically powered items, replacing them instead with automatically powered things. This lamp seems to bring back the good old days, when items were developed through precise mathematical calculations, allowing the parts to function together in unison. At that time, each piece was celebrated based on the quality of their craftsmanship and efficiency. Designer Matt Gilbert is moving backwards to reassure us that the mechanical technicality visualizes a beautifully made design that is both practical and immaculate, as seen in his design collection for Animaro Design.


Animaro Mechanically Adjustable Crane Lamp


The Crane Bird inspired the lamp’s design as it extends its neck to catch prey. The mechanism of the Crane Lamp is developed from hardwood parts connected by pins. The parts rotate about each other making the lamp expand and contract, in sequence changing the light’s height and angle.

The lamp comes in both Desk and Floor sizes, in three different colours: oak, walnut, and sapele. Animaro has also found a fun way to customize the Lamp’s look through different choices of six cable colours: navy, green, anthracite, mustard, burgundy, and rust.


Animaro Mechanically Adjustable Crane Lamp. Customizable design,different wood finishes.

Animaro Mechanically Adjustable Crane Lamp. Customizable design, different colours of cable.


The only suggestion we have regarding the design is to include an optional cover for the exposed lamp bulb. Although this design is specifically made not to have the lamp shade, the shade would be an ideal bonus.


Animaro Mechanical Crane Desk and Floor Lamps


Quality 9.5/10

The Lamp is composed from many small moving parts, made from hardwood and brass. Each wooden part is CNC machined from solid planks of wood. They are then sanded and oiled right in the workshop in London.  The cable is threaded through the lamp joints so that it’s free to move seamlessly with the lamp. The cable is sourced from Italy and the brass lamp-holder is made right in the UK, guaranteeing a quality made piece.


Mechanically Adjustable Crane Lamp by Animaro.


The shape of the lamp is thin and doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it fit in between furniture and busy desk space. Given the slim shape, the lamp has been designed in a form of a pyramid to maintain a sturdy structure while fully extended. Additionally, the lamp has hidden steel plates inside the base to add additional weight and keep it stable. All the parts have been designed to withstand frequent use. (Bellow picture displays measurements for the floor size Crane Lamp)


Animaro Mechanical Crane Floor Lamp Dimensions


Value 7.5/10

For the beautiful work involved in designing this item, it is very fair that it has a high price tag, however, at Market Maison we like to have quality items at very affordable prices. Hopefully with higher volume production we will see a price reduction.

The desk Crane Lamp can be currently purchased on Kickstarter for 245.00 Euro.

The floor Crane Lamp can be purchased for 420.00 Euro.

The lamp ships worldwide with applicable taxes and shipping fees.





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