Attention All Designers & Makers: Submit Your Work!

We’re starting a new segment here at Market Maison in which we review the work of emerging independent designers and/or companies. If you’re a designer, maker, architect, or even still in a post-secondary institution we’d love to see what you’ve been working on!

The products we typically cover are what we consider to be great designs that are reasonably priced for the general public. Our mission has always been to help increase public awareness of quality products in a variety of different fields, helping to further create greater access to good design.

For the purposes of this new segment, we want to see your designs and ideas! So to all the small-scale makers or students, have no fear! We understand your prices are typically higher per product than the giant retail companies of the world. We’re not too concerned about that, all we want to see are your ideas!


We would like to preface this review by noting the price of this unit is comparable to that of a higher end product found on a site such as Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware.

Attention All Designers Makers Submit Your Work-002

Design company, Artifox, just seems to turn out one clever product after another and certainly doesn’t disappoint with the Desk 02!

Attention All Designers Makers Submit Your Work-002.2


“Designed to adapt to your needs with mix and match accessories that allow you to create the perfect workspace”
Like most of the company’s other products, this desk specializes in minimalist design – with clean lines and limited ornamentation. This simple sophisticated appearance speaks to what this piece is really all about: highlighting the functionality. Integrated into the top surface of the desk is a minimalist docking station for all of your tablets, phones and accessories. Included are also small felt ‘knots’ to hold your devices and connected cables where you want them. Directly beneath these surface slots is a metal grid plate (with Velcro straps) attached to the wooden frame, a brilliant way to organize your electronics and cables.

Attention All Designers Makers Submit Your Work-002.4

Clearly not content with limited functionality, the designers at Artifox have also added solid wood hooks to the front legs as a convenient place to hang your headphones. As a bonus, several of the tables can also be pushed together to form a seamless collaborative work space.

Attention All Designers Makers Submit Your Work-002.1

Finally last but not least, the Desk 02 works in conjunction with the Stand shelf also designed by the company. Available with or without a solid wood base, this shelf can be fastened from the underside of the table top through the same docking ports mentioned above.

The Desk 02 has done away with drawers and paper organization and replaced them with tools and accessories which better suit the modern office. Watch the full product spec here.


Built from solid white oak and steel, this table has been built to last. One major question we have about the structure is that it has been designed for quick assembly, which is some instances can compromise the rigidity.


For the minimalist product lover, this is slightly more expensive then we would prefer, however given the sleek design and quality material, it’s worth a second look. The Desk 02 is currently available for purchase directly through the Artifox  website starting at $950.00.


So what’s required to submit?

  • A brief description of you as a designer and your submitted product(s). Include your product title
  • Send your product photos (maximum of 10) or a link from where to download – minimum width of 800pixels but no larger than 2MB. JPGs are preferred, but we also accept GIF and TIFF files. Please do not submit renderings, we want to see your final product!
  • Contact information (email or website)
  • Any accreditation if the product was designed in collaboration with additional persons

We appreciate and take all submissions seriously. Due to time constraints however, we will only respond to those we intend on reviewing on our main site or posting to one of our social media accounts.

By clicking submit you confirm that you own all of the intellectual property rights for the submitted content and that Market Maison is free to publish the content.


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