Bookshelf & Cubby Buddy For Your Kids!

Bookshelf and Cubby For Your Kids


Design 8.5/10

Every parent with little ones knows just how hard it can be to keep your kid’s room organized. With their toys and clothes often strewn about the floor, cleaning can feel like a never ending battle. The bookshelf cubby by Sauder / Viv & Rae offers a practical solution to the clutter that not only looks stylish, but won’t break the bank. Available for purchase either as part of the four piece ‘Ivar’ collection or on its own, we will be focusing on this unit.

At the bottom of this unit is a large cubby which is divided in half, making it easy to access for small children and straight forward in separating larger items from smaller toys. We appreciate the simplicity of the curved divider, but are bothered by the fact that it does not fully meet the front panel, which leaves a gap for tiny fingers to get caught in.

Directly above, are two large bookshelves with a similar middle divider – each measuring a generous 19.5”L x 11.5”H x 9.5”D. A nice detail that has been added is the addition of two identification plates with removable labels. The labels can be customized in relation to the contents or the owner of the shelf. The overall size and weight of this piece (41.4”L x 32.84”H x 15.5”D) makes it relatively sturdy.

As far as improvements go, we would like to see future models include some form of wall anchoring hardware to prevent any possibility of this piece tipping forward. Some reviewers have also stated that the corners are a bit sharp and should probably be rounded to prevent any painful bumps.

Exclusively sold in white, some people have expressed interest in more colour options such as grey or espresso, which we believe could also extend the lifespan of this piece to older users.


Bookshelf and Cubby For Your Kids-004


Quality 8.5/10

All of the panels for this piece are made from manufactured wood (not solid) which is fairly standard for children’s furniture at this price point. Generally speaking, we would like to see solid wood used whenever possible; for this particular design with its large flat panels we actually believe the use of manufactured wood is sufficient. Manufactured wood normally doesn’t warp and takes finishes such as paint more evenly than solid wood.

The main drawback about this storage unit is the thin, cardboard back panel that often retains the creases formed from shipping while folded. While this may not be that noticeable once fully loaded with toys and books, it does detract from the perceived value of the piece. It is not unreasonable for consumers expecting to receive unblemished parts when purchasing large furniture products that are over $100.

Despite it being a fairly simple design, several minor criticisms have been directed toward the assembly instructions. If you can make it past the assembly stage however, the piece as a whole is rigid and should serve you for years to come.


Bookshelf and Cubby For Your Kids-002.1


Value 9/10

The same model is available from Sauder for $97.04 on or Viv & Rae for $125.99 on Viv & Rae’s price point is consistent with the average price for shelf and cubby combos, most of which receive one tenth of the praise that this specific model has received. Obviously, we recommend purchasing from Sauder though, due to their highly competitive price and Amazon’s great return policies.



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