Casa Olivi Modern Meets Rustic


Designed by Swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jérôme de Meuron, Casa Olivi is a villa located in the Marche region of Italy. This beautiful villa is constructed on the base of a 300-year-old farm. Although the interior has been converted into a modern/minimalist villa, the designers managed to incorporate the original rustic feel. As many designers have discovered, reinventing a space while being constrained by the existing layout is no easy task. It is a fine balance to ensure that one design style does not overpower the other.


The architects thought of every detail, right down to window coverings. Notice the simplicity how they used two riveted holes on canvas. Though this style works exceptionally well for this space, it may look out of place in others.



The plain white walls don’t distract from the original brick; in fact, they are used to highlight the brick and draw your eye towards the windows.



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