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We come across many pet accessories but only a few are worth the purchase. At Market Maison we like to look at the combination of design, quality, and value, and if we find something with this magic formula, we share it here with you! This time around, we’re bringing the product directly to the site for your seamless shopping experience, filled with great savings and our customer satisfaction guarantee. Read on, and discover why we’re sharing this special Cat Scratcher Bed with you!


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Design 9/10

How often do you see a cat scratcher bed and say “Wow, this one looks amazing and has a great design!” Not very often. This cat scratcher bed though exceeded our expectations! We particularly liked its design, as it incorporates a gentle curve, providing the cat with more traction when scratching. You may notice from the picture that the curve also creates a comfortable position for the cat to lay, sit, and play. This will save you from the dreaded scenario of buying a cat scratcher bed only to have your cat spend all its time in the box the cat scratcher came in!

Another great feature of this bed is that it can be flipped over to extend its use. We also like the main feature of this scratcher bed: it’s flanked by two wooden sides, which improves the overall aesthetics and gives this bed a distinct look. We personally think this bed works in just about any space and is much more pleasing to look at than the traditional scratcher beds found anywhere else online.


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Quality 8/10

The Bed is made of engineered wood and corrugated cardboard. Technically, this unit is far above what should be expected for this kind of product; however, we would have scored this higher, had the scratching pad been made from a sisal material. With that being said, there are no other beds with wood accents at this price range or product category.




Value 10/10

When products have fewer similarities in the alike product category, it’s a common strategy to hike up the price. Since our research tells us we won’t be able to find the same product anywhere else, we knowingly accept the extra charges for the product’s distinct qualities. Although this cat scratcher bed is a unique find among similar accessories, we were able to get this product without any additional pricing add-ons. Yes, it does have a great design but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one!


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