Chair Design

A chair serves the two purposes of décor and utility. It’s the focal point of your room that occupies an important amount of space while serving an important purpose. Design and duty are interdependent forces, which when executed well, determine the quality of a chair. Make your chair work overtime so you don’t have to by finding one that fuses form with functionality. There is no need to compromise comfort or creativity with the extensive options on the current market. Many designers merge these two binaries to create a single element of multipurpose architecture.

A chair needs to have an inviting sense of comfort and style. Imagine the increase of productivity in your office space with a simple change of seating. Something that seems quotidian turns out to be vital for your efficiency. Discomfort is a distraction while a boring atmosphere denotes a desire to work.

It’s not just a chair; it’s the one thing that’s always got your back. Take time in choosing what works best for you and your space by finding one that looks and feels good. Create an office space that exudes style and creates a productive ambience with chairs that do both.

Here our some of our favorites options:



Marta Adamczyk K1 Chair

A simple yet unique design may seem understated, but it does all the talking by adding a modern flare to a classic shape. It also compliments other pieces of furniture because of its versatile form. It won’t overwhelm your room but the lack of cushioning lacks practicality. Adding some custom pillows or padding will incorporate a sense of you into such a workable piece.



grant featherston contour lounge chair

This Grant featherston cushioned chair is luxurious while the wooden legs add a sense of urbanity. Extremely comfortable and substantial in size, this chair is a perfect example of pragmatic design.



This chair epitomizes the cool-meets-classic look. The wooden bench seats add charm while the metal tubing is minimally modern. It collides the juxtaposition of old and new school in a clean and simple execution.


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