Clean Looks For Your Dirty Laundry

Dirty laundry always tends to clutter your space as it builds-up on the floor or spills over the sides of your laundry basket. In recent years, there has been as shift towards lightweight, fabric hampers. While these hampers may be convenient for transportation, they lack functionality and quite often appear cheaply made. Listed below are some of our top picks for hampers that not only look great but are also functional.




The designers at Honey-Can-Do have developed a cute and clever hamper, which fluidly combines all of the steps of doing the laundry. The inner frame which supports the elegant hamper bags is built on casters and attaches to the main frame by way of metal drawer slides.  This feature allows it to be rolled in and out for quick and easy access. The unit includes two fabric bags that can be used to separate your lights from darks and can be used to carry your laundry from room to room. The feature we really love on this unit is the integrated table surface. This is a great solution for folding your freshly washed and dried laundry.

Due to this hamper’s sophisticated stained black appearance, it does not have to be relegated solely to your laundry room; it could just as easily live comfortably as an extra table surface in a bedroom.

Retailing at $78.99 on this sleek product is an absolute steal!




Our next model is perfect if you are looking for something a little more traditional in appearance. From the outside this piece is quite humble with its shutter-style door slats, common-place mouldings, espresso stain and nickel finished handles. Unlike a traditional top opening lid however, this hamper has two individual front doors that tilt open with two removable fabric bags. The angle of the bag openings drastically improves the access to the bags and clothing within. The tilting feature also leaves the top completely fixed in place along with whatever else it may have adorning its surface.

Our main criticism of this piece would be to increase the depth of the two fabric bags, which feel slightly small at the current height of 21.75”.

Beachcrest Homes currently offers this piece in either an espresso or white finish. We would like to see it also offered in black.

Available on for $169.00.




Sometimes you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken– Top opening hampers have been around for decades because of their straight forward functionality and classic appearances. You may not be able to use it for multiple functions but what it does, it does really well. Besides hiding the clutter, the main reason for top opening hampers continued popularity is that it maximizes the amount of interior storage possible – due to the smaller footprint.

Much like many of their other products, the designers at Darby Home Co. have refined the traditional hamper to be elegant, robust and affordable. The gentle tapered feet and pinstripe beading create a classic feel that is not too bold –but definitely makes a statement. One other aspect we enjoyed about this piece is the built-in handles that add a perfectly subtle functional detail.

Offered in black, white or natural.

Available on for $74.99.




As spas have become more and more popular it was inevitable that soon enough people would start to bring some of that same feeling into their own homes. This top opening hamper is quite basic in its function but holds its own when it comes to looks! The entire body is made from repeating solid bamboo slats (one of the most environmentally renewable woods). The integrated handles are set beautifully into the slats, uniinterrupting the overall aesthetic. The beige colour of the fabric lining bag plays nicely off of the golden tones of the bamboo. While the designers regard the bag’s internal divider as a plus, we feel it would be more user-friendly to have two individual bags to allow the user to be more selective – not to mention the entire load is double the weight of a typical bag.

Available on for $114.29.

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