Dining On A Budget With Coaster Fine Furniture


Design company, Coaster Fine Furniture is one of our favourite discoveries of the week! They have a large collection of affordable, well made and trendy furniture. Below, we’ve outlined two of the best deals for home dining currently being offered.


Persia Breakfast Table

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Design 9/10

The cozy Persia Breakfast Table three-piece dining set offers a casual dining experience while looking very stylish at the same time. Intended for smaller spaces in your home, this table includes an 11” fold-out top and also has built in storage for dishes and cups. The asymmetry created by the partially enclosed shelf and two square legs is quite striking and suggests an increased level of rigidity and expense.

Included with this table is a pair of chairs that have the same visual language as the table, using a similar two tone stained brown colour scheme. Each chair has a high back design with curved slats for added comfort. Despite that this set is it designed for two people, more will fit if you’re in a pinch.

It should also be noted, with the chair seats being made from wood and sitting at 16.5” above the ground, we are a little skeptical as to how comfortable they would be with prolonged use. To remedy this situation, we would like to see 1” (possibly removable) cushions included.


Quality 8.5/10

To our amazement this three piece set uses real “solid wood” in its construction in place of particle board, which is what we would have expected from most products of a similar price point. According to popular reviews, assembly for this product can be a little challenging at times, due to poorly laid out assembly instructions. If you manage to finally assemble the unit correctly, you will be impressed with its structure and functionality.

A tip for assembly is to not fully tighten all of the screws during assembly, but rather wait until you can stand the table or chair on the ground. Once all the legs are sitting flat, give the screws a final twist.


Value 10/10

Currently retailing on Amazon.com for $194.70, this cute set is one of the best deals we’ve see in a long time (along with the other product on this list)! Very rarely do we find an aesthetically sleek design, with multiple functions for under $200. It’s not a surprise this product is getting such great reviews.


Dinettes Casual 3 Piece Table & Chair Set

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Design 8.5/10

Similar to the previous set, this Dinettes Casual 3 Piece Table & Chair Set offers an enjoyable dining experience in a limited space. Where the first set had a slightly more modern design, this set focuses on the classic “double drop-leaf” design.

Interestingly, the chair design is exactly the same as the set mentioned earlier, but has the added cushions for improved comfort. With the addition of the cushions, the total seat height is now much closer to a standard 18”.

When both 7.5” leaves are fully extended, the table top has a diameter of 36” making it spacious enough for two people and still capable of accommodating two more. Storing this table while not in use is exceptionally convenient, as it folds down to a total width of 23” (including leaf top thicknesses).

The set is also available in a rich brown espresso stain with cream coloured cushions.


Quality 8.5/10

The entire set is made of solid wood making it immediately more durable than many of its competitors. Each seat cushion is also made from micro-fiber fabric which is easy to spot clean if required.


Value 10/10

Available on Amazon.com for $142.78, this dining set is yet another great offering by the team at Coaster Fine Furniture.


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