Electronics Charging Station



Anyone who owns a cellphone, laptop or tablet is aware of the jumble of charging cables that accompanies them which will clutter up your space. Charging stations are becoming more popular as a way to help organize your charging devices by gathering them all into one place.





Design 9/10

The G.U.S. Bamboo Charging Station is great example of this, coming in one of three models: Base Model, USB Strip Model, or Power Hub Model. For the purposes of this post, we will be reviewing the base model.  This sleek and compact design has multiple storage ports for your different types of electronics – one laptop slot, one tablet slot, and three phone slots. Beneath the removable tray (with magnetic latches) is the concealed cable storage compartment which has elasticated bands to neatly bundle each device’s cable.

Aesthetically speaking, the warm quality of the bamboo and rounded corners nicely contrasts the stark metal and plastic of the charging electronics. It also makes the entire piece feel refined, unlike some other products available on the market like the Jigsaw Furnishings Plywood Station which feels more like a DIY project; or the bulky and expensive Heiden Deluxe White Charging Station Valet.

(Note) No product is perfect however, and the main criticism about this design has been that the hidden cable storage compartment feels cramped when using the USB Strip Model.





Quality 8.5/10

When compared to the other bamboo models offered by different companies, this charging station holds its own.  It is well constructed and has smart details like the embedded magnets in the removable tray to ‘lock’ the tray and base in their correct alignment. It should be noted however, that the structure of thinly laminated bamboo can sometimes degrade more quickly when exposed to too much UV light without first having an adequate grade of finish applied. It is impossible to know whether such an issue would arise with this particular product, but we feel it would be misleading to rate it as a 9/10.

One improvement we would make to this piece is to create thicker dividers and deeper slots to better ward against potential leaning from heavy laptops and tablets.





Value 9.5/10

Retailing at the very competitive price of $39.99 (Amazon.com) this bamboo station is a great deal for its design and quality. Similar models like the Mobile Vision Charging Station can be found for roughly $13 more at $52.95 (Amazon.com).  While there are not too many negative things to say about either model which both offer almost the same abilities, retailing for 30% less is always going to be a plus!


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