Featured Woven Chairs for both interior and exterior

In this post, we are sharing our affection for well-designed chairs from European designers. We are showcasing several alluring pieces that offer comfort, relaxation and display functional design. Scroll down to see what we came across.


Alfresco Allaperto Collection from Ethimo, Matteo Thun, and Antonio Rodriguez.


Ethimo Collection by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, design at Market Maison


This collection embodies the ‘urban chic’ image while delivering a perfectly balanced indoor/outdoor vibe. The backrest and seat panels are upholstered with either etwick fiber or two-tone plastic straps making it weatherable and water resistant. The mahogany frame provides a durable and sleek look to the structure, which works in essentially every space in your home. The slight seating angle of the chair and an oversized structure was designed to provide a comfortable lounging experience. The 2017 Ethimo Collection is surely an inspiration to keep in mind!


4 styles for the Ethimo Collection by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. Featured chairs. Design at Market Maison


Next, we take a look at Carl Hansen & Son redesign of Poul Kjaerholm’s PK1 dining chair.


PK1 Dining Chair by Carl Hansen & Son. Design at Market Maison


First designed by Kjaerholm, PK1 chair was produced in 1955 with slightly different proportions than this modern redesign. The PK1’s charming lightweight structure was quite remarkable at the time and well received by the design community. Drawing from the PK1’s as inspiration, Carl Hansen & Son’s updated the design for the 21st century.


PK1 Dining Chair by Carl Hansen & Son. Details. Design at Market Maison. Inspiration. Featured Woven Chairs for Exterior and Interior


A simple minimalist design of a few components reinforces the notion that less is definitely more. The tightly woven lengths of rope wrapped around the metal frame create the seat’s cushioning; while the arched frame allows the body to take on a comfortable positioning. Taking advantage of the natural elasticity of the rope, the woven feature of the chair is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also to the body; as the seat gently moulds to the human form, providing the desired comfort and support. Made in two colours – a chrome or black frame, with black or white woven seats, this chair is an elegant addition to your sitting arrangement. In keeping with the indoor/outdoor design trend, this style chair also comes in an outdoor version designed from stainless steel and weather-resistant rope for more durability.


Our third charmer, Pluto Barstool, comes from a unique handmade Sika Design Furniture collection.


Pluto Bar-stool by Sika Design. Featured Woven Chair at Market Maison


Just like previous chairs, Pluto Barstool has an advantage of being positioned for both an interior and exterior setting. Sika Designs are known for their ArtFibre material that is durable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically appealing. The ArtFibre material is waterproof and resilient to summer weather, as it withstands hot temperature and UV rays. It is also washable and made to last, providing hassle free maintenance. The combination of an elegant metal frame paired with woven seating, offer a unique look compared to most bar stools. The Pluto Barstool is offered in two variations, black with silver frame for a sleeker look, and weathered teak grey, to match the trending reclaimed style.


Pluto Bar-stool by Sika Design. Featured Woven chairs for both Interior and Exterior. Design at Market Maison



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