The Folding Chaise Lounge



Summer may be gone for 2016, but that’s no excuse for not planning ahead for next year.  If you’re going to be in the market for some new outdoor furniture we recommend this chaise lounge chair by Bay Isle Home which is both attractive and affordable!




Design 8.5/10

The design of this chaise lounger is that of both beauty and brains.  It offers up a simple, contemporary appearance with the sweeping curve of the seat and unbordered slats  – a refined elegance that is a refreshing departure from most other chaises commonly available. Perhaps most notable about this piece is its ability to fold in half, making it one of the easiest chaises to transport or store away during the off-season. One drawback about this lounger that is seemingly unavoidable due to its design is the lack of an adjustable backrest. While this is quite often a regular feature with chaises the resulting price is almost always nearly doubled or even higher!

The two changes that we believe could be easily made to improve the overall design are to raise the seat height by a few inches (lowest point is currently 4.5” above the ground) to make it easier to get out from, and to add a cushion to lessen the harsh edges of the wooden slats on your back. By just making these two alterations this chaise would be rated at either a 9 or 9.5.




Quality 9/10

The Acacia hardwood used to construct this chaise lounge is a widely used material for outdoor furniture due to its visual beauty and durability in the elements. We do however advise that these loungers not be left exposed during winter months which will only hasten the surface deterioration.

All fasteners are made from quality metal, and the carrying strap is made from a robust nylon weave with two metal plates anchoring either end into the chaise’s side.


Value 9.5/10

Available in a few different places, the lowest price we have come across for this chaise is the incredibly low sale value of $85.99 on (regularly $131.99). Compare this sale price to other solid wood chaise loungers on the market and you’ll end up spending nearly twice as much! Even at the regular price of $131.99, this piece still comes in at the lowest end of the market for solid wood chaises.


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