Four Great Patio Coolers For Spring!

Winter is over and Spring is here!  With patio season just around the corner, everyone is ready to soak up the sun with a cold drink in hand. Luckily for you, Market Maison has ranked our five favourite outdoor coolers to prepare for such an occasion!




Five Perfect Patio Cooler For Spring-004


First on our list is a beautifully crafted Eucalyptus hardwood cooler with shingle detailing on the sides – it is by far the most refined model that we have come across. Unlike some models, this product is lined with a genuine thermal plastic which actively helps to keep your ice and drinks cold for longer. This piece is also equipped with two durable metal handles on both sides, and a soft-closing metal hinge under the lid and a drain spout in the bottom.

Measuring 24”L x 17”W x 20”H, this little gem is easily portable and can even double as a side table.

Oh we forgot to mention, this unit comes fully assembled!

Currently retailing on for $158.46.





Five Perfect Patio Cooler For Spring-002


If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, this cooler is a good bet. Although assembly is required for this particular design, it is rather straightforward. The interior lining of this cooler uses galvanized sheet metal to insulate your ice and drinks. This material is not quite as effective as an insulated plastic lining but still serves its purpose. The unit includes a drain spout and convenient metal bottle opener mounted to the front. Aesthetically speaking the southern accents and weathered wood create a rustic charm that is indicative of a true Texas smokehouse.

This cooler is a cool 30” tall which is the ideal table height.  Personally we would have liked to see a folding side-table to capitalize on this feature.

Dimensions are: 22″L x 19″W x 30″H

Currently retailing on for $125.56.





Five Perfect Patio Cooler For Spring-001Five Perfect Patio Cooler For Spring-001.1


This next design is perfect for those who have rattan woven patio furniture and want to keep a seamless look throughout their backyard. The cooler appears fairly modest, but that’s what makes it great – a simple lift off lid with an insulated plastic interior and a pair of inset handles. The discreet white line around the top when fully closed is the only hint that there may be more to this unit than meets the eye. The compact shape doubles perfectly as a side table or ottoman, while maintaining effortless portability.

Dimensions are: 16.54”L x 16.54”W x 14.96”H

Currently on sale at Wayfair for $94.99.





Five Perfect Patio Cooler For Spring-003.1


Without a doubt this is the most popular mid-sized patio cooler on the market – due to its unique appearance, fun interaction and low cost. The wicker surface coupled with the concave body is unlike any other cooler sold on the market. It gives off a modern, yet luxurious vibe; as if to suggest that it belongs poolside, in some tropical resort.

Perhaps the most prominent feature is the extendable and locking top which doubles as an elevated drink tray when open (33” high). The designers at Keter have very ingeniously designed the central post to pull, twist and lock into place – removing any bulky hardware and continuing its sleek overall appearance. There is a built-in drain spout on the bottom for easy clean ups and transportation. The overall size is quite a bit smaller than the other models but will still hold a couple wine bottles, which is impressive considering the incredibly low price!

Dimensions are: 19.5” Dia. x 22”H when closed, and 19.5” Dia. x 33”H when fully opened.

Currently retailing on for $76.44.



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