Kickstarter Nomad Chair Review

Rethinking the Original Roorkhee chair is a new and challenging task. Designed by British Army Engineers in Roorkhee, India during the late 1900s, the chair holds history without evolving greatly since. The value of design is determined by fusing style with authenticity so we look for products and designers that suit both these standards.


Design 9/10

The chair has a simple yet clever design, made only with 7 attachable pieces. The leather caved into the legs preventing stretching and allows longevity of the leathers integrity. Although the seat and back are conventionally made of leather, modern design incorporates canvas to add subtle texture and contemporary aesthetic. The Original Roorkhee was lightweight, portable, and stable on uneven surfaces the Nomad improves upon these qualities. 


Quality 10/10

At Market Maison, we are core fans of integrating sustainable pieces to modernize the essence of classic pieces. The Nomad chair is made of strong, rapidly growing bamboo. Its average time for maturity is four years, whereas most woods grow between 20-30 years, making the Nomad renewable, resourceful and rewarding.


Value 6/10

At around $670USD, the quality of design and build is reflected in the price, though there are more affordable options without compromising its character. Leather Roorkhee chairs are ususally priced at around $1000USD, double the average price but the modern design of this chair is incomparable. That said, from a purely Functional point of view this chair also solves the same problems for $25. for that reason we had to give the nomad a 6/10 when it came to value


the Nomad chair is not currently available for sale for updates visit the Nomad website


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