Kid’s Indoor Tent


Design 9/10

Once again, the designers at TurtlePlay have impressed our team with their new Kid’s Indoor Tent. They clearly have a keen eye for what’s trending and the expertise to execute it properly.

Assembly for this cozy tent is as simple as it gets. Merely connect the wooden poles, slip them through the canvas and tie it all off with the provided strings – it’ll be up within minutes!  Similar to TurtlePlay’s Kid’s Teepee, this model sports a built-in window and two entrance flaps which can be tied closed. New to this version is the hanging chalkboard that adds the right amount of playfulness and personalization. If we had had one wish about this tent, some of us (albeit fully grown adults) wanted it to have a slightly larger footprint to match the size of its cousin, the Kid’s Teepee.

The stitched canvas fabric is made in two patterns; black and white zig-zag & pink and white stripes, making it perfect for both boys and girls.


Chalk Board          Chalk Board

Quality 8.5/10

Due to this model’s significant drop in price from others on the market, our team was somewhat skeptical of the production quality. So we got our hands on one and put it to the test – examining every detail.  Safe to say, it exceeded all of our expectations.  The canvas is made from 100% cotton canvas, the parts go together very easily, and it all fits within a matching polyester carrying bag; it’s hard to ask for anything more.  We would have rated this higher, but only for the wooden components being made from Canadian Hemlock, rather than Eucalyptus hardwood, like TurtlePlay’s other models.



Value 9.5/10

Without a doubt this tent is the best quality for its value that we have come across. Retailing in Sam’s Club stores for only $49.98, this tent not only blows most of its competition away but out of sight! Compared to the average price of other similar products, you can expect to save around $20.00.


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