Kid’s Loft Bed And Playhouse In One!




Design 9/10

Donco delivers a fun and creative bed unit for your small ones with this bed & playhouse combo! Gone are the days when a bed was just a bed – this design includes a lofted mattress frame with guardrails and ladder, a fabric playhouse directly below, and a slide.

The bed itself is a standard loft design with flat wooden elements that are assembled by using the included fasteners. While this is obviously intended to work with the slide, you can always remove it by way of the hooks that hold it to the bed frame. An alteration that could be made to further improve this design is to make the slide break-down into smaller segments with a designated concealed storage area. We would have scored the unit higher had the slide been better resolved.

In the space directly below the loft bed frame is a fabric fort enclosure, with built-in widows to let you kids play for hours. While we love the simple brilliance of this idea, the interior of the fort can become a little dark when all of the fabric panels are fully drawn. One fun solution to this problem is to incorporate stick on dollar store LED lights into the interior.  The bed frames are also available in white or a stained wood, with multiple fabric options available for the fort!



Quality 8.5/10

The frame is made from solid pine wood, making this bed quite sturdy as it sits 44” above the ground. While the fabric material is unspecified it seems to be made from a fairly substantial canvas with hemmed strings to secure it to the bed’s legs and Velcro straps which similarly hang it from the bed frame’s underside. It’s clear that Donco doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. We would have rated this unit higher had it not be for the lack of material specificity in the description.




Value 8/10

Retailing at $286.00 (, this bed unit is hard to pass up considering all that it has to offer! Due to the various categories of children’s beds available, we see a large price spectrum for this type of product. This unit in particular, is priced as a mid range unit within the loft bed and bunk bed category.  In our opinion, hitting a $249.99 (or lower) price point would have given this unit exceptional value and a higher rating.


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