Make Play Time Last Longer with the Orange Stripe Kid’s Teepee!

Why not celebrate the last days of summer with our colorful Orange Striped Kid’s Teepee tent? This tent was inspired by nautical style to make your child feel like they’re at a lake or by the sea whether inside your home or backyard!

The best thing about this teepee is that it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Its convenient easily collapsible structure makes it a great on-the-go item to take with you up to the cottage, on road trips, or family play dates.

We just love its playful orange colour. It puts kids in a great mood while keeping them energized, entertained and excited about playing in their teepee-style tent.


Orange Stripe Kid's Teepee Tent for playing indoors


Design 8/10

This teepee takes its design from the classic tent structure. The four-pole construction is stable and sturdy and can be quickly taken down and reassembled if needed. We feel that the teepee could have a book pocket or a window, for more functionality; but let’s leave the interpretation of playtime to the kids themselves! This can unveil a new world of playing for them and will keep them occupied for an afternoon, especially when reading hours and nap times can be spent in the teepee as well! We suggest you place a comfy blanket inside with a pillow, this way you might find your kids deep asleep at times. Playing and reading can certainly tire kids out. We know that for sure!




Quality 10/10

We always want top quality items for our kids. With that in mind, we didn’t want to compromise on quality for this teepee. We have sourced the best available materials to deliver the best quality teepee that we could visualize. Our teepee is made of 100% cotton canvas and FSC certified eucalyptus hardwood. The joints are reinforced with stainless steel sleeves and the stitching, including seams, have been sewn with great care.



Value 10/10

Being made with top quality materials and convenient design, the cost of this teepee usually ranges from $100 – $200 USD. Our current deal of $54.99 USD makes it a very tempting must-have! This teepee can also be a great add-on present for back-to-school shopping! You see, we told you it was tempting! Oh, we almost forgot to mention, tax and shipping are on us! Yes, that’s a deal and a half, $54.99 + No Tax. Get your Teepee here.



Editor’s Note:


Please note, this offer is only available for preorder, for customers residing in United States, US.

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