Kids Vanity Set from Pottery Barn

As girls grow older they start to experiment with mommy’s lipsticks, watching themselves in mirrors, and playing dress-up. We asked ourselves, what is considered the best time to start buying kids beauty products and related room accessories to encourage self-care and fun play? Well, there isn’t really a straight answer. For some girls, curiosity comes earlier than others, but roughly girls start to show interest in playing dress-up as early as 3 years old. While there are many choices for kids furniture, many of them share the same look and style, but lack uniqueness. Fortunately, we stumbled upon this charming Kids Vanity Set from Pottery Barn and had to share it with you!  


Kids vanity set from Pottery Barn


Design 8/10


Simple in design, this set has a functional layout with three-panel mirrors, and four cubbies, designed to make any girl feel like a princess! The vanity has enough room to place books and toys, including acrylic knobs for hanging jewelry. The table portion of the set can also be used for drawing and crafts.


Kids vanity set from Pottery Barn


Quality 8.5/10


Made from solid hardwood and MDF, it provides sturdiness and gives needed weight to the fixture (123 lbs.). The set is finished by hand to give an antiqued patina look while adding a lasting beauty to it. Also, the finishing layer is sealed with a protective child-safe lacquer, to ensure no harm is done while kids are at play.


Kids vanity set from Pottery Barn


Value 8/10


Selling at Pottery Barn for $249 + shipping this set will be a nice addition to your little one’s interior and a favorite new spot to play. Pottery Barn also has a lot of add-ons available to dress-up this set. The stool is not included with this piece and can be purchased separately.

We have also found two chairs from IKEA that are a great value that can go well with the set. IKEA currently has the FLISAT wooden stool for $20.00; and a white SUNDVIK chair for $25.00, which we feel is a better deal than the stool Pottery Barn offers.


Ikea white chair and wooden stool for kids




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