Lift Your Desk To A New Level

Lift Your Desk To A New Level-002

Design 9/10

Whether you are in need of a compact workspace in a busy house or doing some back to school shopping for your child, this floating desk offers a lot of great features! The most obvious design advantage of this piece is having your desk raised off of the ground – making the floor a breeze to clean and eliminating the visual clutter that is often created by a jumble of table legs and power cords. The main surface is quite spacious for a laptop and has a built-in cable collector near the wall to tidy up those normally sprawling wires. In addition to the large surface, are many useful shelves and cubbies that are partially adjustable to suit your needs. While we love the functionality of this desk, we feel that the designers at Prepac could have been a little more consistent with their visual detailing by having smoother transitions from the nicely curved sides to the very square surface and shelves. While wall-mounted units might not be for everyone, we love the functionality of this compact piece and feel it would enhance most work spaces.

Available in: White, Black or Espresso


Lift Your Desk To A New Level-001


Quality 8/10

This desk is made from a laminated composite wood material which is in keeping with most self-assembled furniture that is easily available. However, it would definitely be an improvement if the work surface was made from a hardwood to better ward against scratching over time. The wall mounting hardware is comprised of an easy to use metal rail system that allows the desk to be secured at any height and keeps it fixed in place – be sure to mount it into wall studs! Like most of the reviewers for this desk, we have very few criticisms of its general quality. If installed properly, this floating desk should serve you well for a long time.


Lift Your Desk To A New Level-003


Value 8.5/10

The price of this desk varies quite dramatically depending on where you look.  Ranging from just under $120.00 ( and to $220.00 (, you will definitely benefit from shopping around a bit before you make your purchase. From our research, directly purchasing from Prepac on will get you the best deal.

Despite some retailers offering it at $100.00 lower than others, we would still like to see this piece brought down to $99.00 where it would be a much more competitive deal. At that price we would rate it as a 9 or 10.


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