Light-Up Your Little One’s Christmas With This LED Teepee!

It’s hard to believe Christmas is now only a week-and-a-half away! The stores are packed and people are scrambling to find those last few gifts for their friends and family. If you are one of those parents or grandparents still looking for the perfect gift for your little ones, Market Maison has got you covered with this adorable LED teepee.


Design 9.5/10

Unlike most of its counterparts, this teepee by turtleplay is comprised of six sides making it larger and more robust. The entrance consists of a large opening flanked by two flaps that can be tied off neatly when desired. Cut into the sides are two cottage-like windows which provide light and visibility after your children have drawn shut the entrance – let the peek-a-boo games begin!

Clearly the most attractive feature of this teepee is the incorporation of small LED lights into the fabric sleeves. All the lights are powered by a small battery pack that is concealed in a fabric pouch sewn into the unit, making it ideal for keeping it away from little hands. It is hard to see from the photo but every LED light comes in the form of a snowflake, which is a lovely detail we appreciate.

The third advantage we have found for this teepee is the textile tri-colour pattern being used which strikes a nice balance between playful and sophistication. Available in either blue & white or pink & white; both colour schemes will look great in a play room or living room.

Assembly is very straightforward; each pole slides into a grey fabric sleeve, and they are then all tied together at their tops using the string provided in the kit.



Quality 9/10

The quality of this teepee leaves little to be desired with its smart choice of materials and manufacturing. You can feel the quality of the fabric which is made from a thick 100% cotton canvas. Each LED light has been individually buttoned through the fabric prior to purchase, completely hiding the wires and only revealing their unique LED snowflake design. Similar to other kid’s teepees this model includes a fabric carrying case for easier portability. The wood poles are made from a durable Canadian hemlock, which in itself is a strong material; however we would have preferred a hardwood like eucalyptus.



Value 10/10

We expected this teepee to retail close to $100 with everything that is included, so we were surprised to see that it is currently offered online by for only $69.98! Considering that most other kid’s teepee products on the market retail from $70 to well over $100, this teepee is a great deal. At this value, we can see these flying off the shelves!


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