LiliLite – a new solution for reading in bed

If you have a habit of reading before falling asleep- this find is for you! The idea has been inspired by the inconvenience of reaching over to turn off your night stand light after being tired from late night reading. Most of the night lamps on our bed side table do not function as an ideal reading light, often using them puts more strain on our eyes. LiliLite may be the perfect solution to solve your late night reading inconveniences with their multi-functional book-shelf-responsive-light product. (Read further, VIDEO attached)


LiliLite responsive light and shelf for reading.


Design 8.5/10

Having the shelf act as a bookmark is a subtly convenient feature which is used to house the sensors. The unit uses automated sensors to react to the weight of the book. Once the book is taken off the shelf, the sensors automatically respond to turn on the light. The light is conveniently directed toward the reader’s line of sight, illuminating the book from the correct angle. Once you are done with your bed time reading, simply place the book back on the shelf to switch it off. By integrating the light into the shelf this unit takes up substantially less space than a traditional night stand. It can be a great feature in both children’s and parents rooms alike.  


LiliLite responsive light and shelf for reading. Perfect for mounting over your bed, can be flipped over to change sides.


The LiliLite shelf has been designed to be mounted with ease while fitting effortlessly in any and every room size and interior. Given the thin look of the shelf’s structure and weighing just 3 lbs, it has a 6.7” depth and can hold the weight of several large books.

Overall, the creators of LiliLite have come up with a great ‘novel’ idea; however, we did notice minor flaws that take away from the minimalistic design of the product. One of them being the cable, that isn’t displayed in LiliLite’s marketing campaigns. The power cord is still present within the construction of the shelf and can deter from the clean look (as suggested by the marketing material). Another minor flaw is the popularity of electronic reading books, which are shown to be used with LiliLite, but as such may not function as harmoniously as paperbacks. Despite that, the LiliLite design team has also included a manual switch power cord that can be used for digital books.


LiliLite responsive light and shelf for reading. Three-in-one functions all in one unit.

Quality 9/10

The LiliLite bookshelf is finished in American oak veneer and is made of a single piece of steam pressed plywood. The lamp itself consists of two parts, the steel mount that has the insert for the light bulb, and the polypropylene lamp cap. The cap is precision laser cut and powder coated for a sophisticated look and a lasting life span. LiliLite comes with a LED light bulb for energy efficiency. Moreover, with the current availability of LED light bulbs, you can have different options for lighting intensity, illumination style, and colour.


LiliLite responsive light and shelf for reading. Detailed picture with sensors up-close.


This detailed picture shows the sensors up-close, as well as an additional feature of soft silicones pads, to prevent the book from sliding off.


LiliLite responsive light and shelf for reading. Detailed assembly sheet


This unit doesn’t come assembled but has a step-by-step assembly instruction.


Value 8/10

Previously displayed on Kick Starter, LiliLite’s novelty idea has reached its goal in funding. Currently selling for $145.00 on Designboom Shop and LiliLite website, though slightly higher than we would like, this shelf can be a unique gift idea for any generation!






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