Perfect Cat Tree for your interior

Boomer and George Bookshelf style Cat tree


Design 9.5/10

Throw away your old carpeted cat tree; the Boomer & George’s modern Cat Tree was designed to blend in seamlessly with your home’s interior. Resembling a bookshelf, the white finish of the structure allows the cat tree to be more of a home décor piece rather than an unsightly, cheap pet accessory. The improved modern design still carries the same functionality as traditional cat trees. This cat tree has four carpeted perches for resting, scratching and play; and two hideout nooks, because cats just love to be left alone sometimes.


Boomer and George Bookshelf style Cat Tree. Close up


Quality 8.5/10

This Cat Tree was constructed from MDF and Canadian Hemlock which provide durability and stability. Weighing 38 lbs. it can be even used for placing books, plants, and other items, in the case the cat does not take to the new structure.


Boomer and George Bookshelf style Cat Tree. Stitching details


The stitching of carpet shows a good quality finished product. Light fabric that is stitched around carpet is complimenting both the white finishing of wood and natural beige colour. Moreover, we think it was a clever idea to have white spacing/boarders left around the carpet as it will prevent it from coming off and having a cleaner look overall. Because carpets are only present on four perches, it makes cleaning extremely easy. It is shipped with very clear assembly instructions and is fairly easy to assemble for one person.


Value 9/10

For the materials at hand, modern look and improved design, we think that the cat tree has a great value proposition. This item happened to be sold exclusively on Hayneedle for $180.00 USD (current price on promotion). We advise you to check the shipping availability prior making a purchase.



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