Perfect Christmas Gifts For The Wine & Beer Lovers In Your Life!


Design 8/10

With the holidays fast approaching, people are going to more parties where they are expected to bring along some wine. Most people will carry their loose clanging bottles in the store supplied bag – but if you’re looking for a more convenient and stylish way to carry them or a gift for someone who is, this hit product is just for you!

This carrier/rack from RackPack holds three bottles of wine when closed for transportation but can hold up to twelve bottles once unfolded (depending on your method of stacking). To make transportation easier, handles have been integrated into the top, in addition to two easy-to-use swivel locks on the top and bottom to secure it. The primary alteration we would make to this piece to improve its function is to incorporate some form of bottle stopper to prevent the bottles from sliding out while being carried. In addition, we would like to see another finish option available in a dark stain.


Quality 8.5/10

The quality of this piece is right in line with the price it retails at – it won’t blow you away, but you shouldn’t be disappointed. The body is made from solid Pine, which is quite robust and rigid. The hardware appears to be reliable brass hinges and locks which instill a sense of warmth to the unit. Our main structural concern is where the racks between the bottles meet. While they are more than strong enough to support full bottles, we would like to see small reinforcements added on the inside in case of accidental bumping and chipping.

Value 9/10

Retailing at the price of $34.78 (, this carrier/rack combo is a great gift idea for the wine enthusiast in your life. Despite being a popularly bought item, we would like to see the price drop closer to $30.00.





Design 9/10

Every beer drinker will appreciate this beer caddy, which strikes the right balance of functionality and style. This design holds a total of six bottles with wooden dividers inserted between the bottles to keep them from rattling around. Conveniently mounted onto the side of the case is a metal bottle opener; perfect for picnics or parties. We love the round metal handle mounted to the top, it’s a beautiful accent which improves the overall feel of the unit. While you can hold any kind of beer in this caddy, the authentic aesthetic the designers David and Christopher Steinrueck have used, does a great job of echoing the hand-made quality of many craft beers.


Quality 9/10

Made from solid reclaimed redwood, this caddy has a durable construction and rich colour. The dividers are removable to accommodate larger bottles, than the standard 12oz. All manufacturing is done in San Francisco, USA.

Value 8.5/10

Most other products of a similar nature have a retail price ranging from $20-$70, putting this caddy at $47.26 ( right in the middle making it quite good purchase for the quality you are receiving. The main justifications for the price point are the handle being made from a durable metal and the entire body being constructed from solid redwood as opposed to a lower grade fir wood.





Design 9.5/10

Summer may be over, but you can plan ahead for the next year by giving somebody this cleverly concealed outdoor patio cooler by Merry Products. This patio cooler is by far the most elegant model available on the market with its shutter slats, hanging metal handles and rich walnut finish. When it is not being used as a side table the lid lifts up to reveal the insulated cooler inside which holds 18-24 12oz. bottles. A nice detail that was carefully considered is the pair of locking hinge-arms that hold the lid up.


Quality 9.5/10

The entire body is made from solid Eucalyptus hardwood with an oil-based stain to protect it from the elements. Just the fact that hardwood as opposed to softwood is used gives this piece a huge leg up over other products on the market, which are generally made from softwoods.

Value 8/10

Available on for $153.04 puts this cooler at the lower end price point of the luxury style coolers. This is definitely the kind of product where a little more money, can buy substantially nicer design higher quality product.


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