Relax In The Bath With This Ingenious Caddy



Design 8.5/10

Designed by ToiletTree, this bath caddy delivers an affordable and attractive product that includes all of the commonly found features: extendable arms, wine glass holder, phone tray, and a book/tablet holder. However unlike its competitors, this version boasts an adjustable book holder which allows you to use one of three positions to improve your viewing angle. The other major feature that makes this product more desirable than other designs is the use of solid wood arms rather than thin wire arms.
Because of its stability, wood has far more rigidity compared to a metal caddy, especially over the span of a tub. While some people may feel the metal caddies have a sleeker appearance, over time they tend to sag, bend and even rust – potentially resulting in a watery grave for your electronics.

Despite the great appeal of this product, there are a few design elements we would like to see altered to make the entire product even better. Currently, the arms on this model extend out to a full length of just over 41”, but are missing a way to fix them in place (all other models similarly do not have a method for locking). Coupled with non-slip feet on the underside the addition of these features would easily make this a 9/10 rating. While this unit is fairly well thought out, adding a few more features would place this unit far above all of its competition.

Dimensions: 27.5”L x 8.75”W x 2”H



Quality 9/10

The use of bamboo is wise and to be expected as it is considerably better at repelling water than most other woods. In addition, the lightweight nature of bamboo makes this unit portable while retaining a “spa-like” style. We like that both arms slide along a long groove cut into the wood, as it prevents jamming from internal plastic or metal joints.

We should mention that while this product is designed for over-the-bath use, it should be dried off when you are finished using it to prevent the build-up of unsightly mold and mildew.



Value 9.5/10

This bath caddy retails on for the very reasonable price of $34.95 which places it towards the lower end of the price spectrum for similar products. While some higher priced models closer to $60 and may offer a couple more features, the overall package this piece offers is really second to none. You’re guaranteed to not break the bank with this perfect Christmas gift for a co-worker, friend or family member!


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