Repos chair

A chair should be reliable, efficient and comfortable.  Whether it is for long hours at the office or extensive Netflix binges, a chair should always be there for you, your comfort and your solace. Herman Miller and Dieter Rams are notorious for harmonizing form with functionality. The same philosophy of championing construction without compromising style was infused into the making of the Repos chair.


Design 8/10

Ergonomics and esthetic collide with the Repos Chair. Although a recent Antonio Citterio design, the Repos chair is reminiscent of the Modernist Era. Inspired by the boom of industrial efficiency, the chair and ottoman are designed to ensure flexibility in interior space while offering maximum comfort. The pillowed padding combined with the concealed machinery allows comfortable movement to spin, recline and rest. The elongated back extends outward to provide support and balance positioned weight.


Quality 9/10

The chair is predominately made of molded polyurethane and sturdy plywood. Dependable and stylish, the chair comes in 5 different finishes and about 50 Colors. The quality of design and build allow years of kicking back to read, work and watch.



Value 3/10

Around $6,200$7,200 USD, the Repos is an investment piece. If measuring value by combining the proposed purpose with the intended design, than this chair sumptuously performs what it was made to. But before purchasing, keep in mind that the Repos can easily be made for less. Whether it is for residential, professional or leisurely use, the Repos chair looks good but feels even better.


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