Rustic Meets Refined, The Industrial Chic Bar Cart

With this rustic-chic bar cart, the team at Tribecca Homes demonstrates that great things really do come in small packages.


Rustic Meets Refined In This Bar Cart-001

Design 9.5/10

Industrial style home décor is a trend that seems to be in full climax, with no signs of slowing down in the near future. The Myra Cart capitalizes on this by hitting all the right design marks. The riveted metal frame (classic to the industrial feel) that forms the general structure is made from a lightly textured black sand metal. The remaining panels are styled with rough sawn wood that instills a sense of weathering into this piece.

The size of this unit lends itself well to those looking for compact kitchen trolleys and carts – ideal in condos or apartments. Even with the conservative size, this unit retains a generous amount of storage room for a variety of different items. The Myra Cart consists of three different levels, each of which serves a specific function. The bottom shelf, which is surrounded by a subtle industrial X-pattern metal railing, includes room for an assortment of bottles. The shelving space is then divided in half by a set of wine glass racks, which hold between 8-10 glasses in total. The function of the open concept middle shelf appears to be for general purpose storage, which we feel works very well for the industrial aesthetic. Our favorite feature of the Myra Cart is the removable solid wood top shelf that doubles as a serving tray. Though the majority of customers have remarked about its high level of rigidity, the 3” deep, metal-reinforced wood tray can be quite heavy (especially when loaded with drinks and food).

The other feature we like about this model (over some of its counterparts) are the four locking casters. The Locking mechanism significantly improves the stability and rigidity when hosting or serving.

Customers should note; that the wine glass racks are only suitable for 2.5”-3” diameter bases.


Available in three wood finishes: Bistre Brown, Brown, Grey

Dimensions: 32.5”H x 26”L x 19”W



Rustic Meets Refined In This Bar Cart-001.2

Quality 10/10

To date, this is one of the highest customer-rated products, in terms of quality and construction that we have reviewed. Feedback on this product regularly consists of positive reviews, noting the firmness of the metal frame and the use of solid wood shelves rather than veneered particle board. The only issues (which were uncommon) we were able to find, were often due to shipping damage or missing components (standard complaints by the majority of online shoppers).



Rustic Meets Refined In This Bar Cart-001.1

Value 8.5/10

Determining if the price of this product is appropriate is a little difficult due to the fact that the ‘industrial chic’ style is very often associated with a ‘value premium’. Bearing this is mind, we have compared the Myra Cart to other niche bar carts of a similar size to best judge its overall value. Depending on where you look, you will find a significant range of prices for the exact same cart – the prices can vary up to $100 from one store to another. The lowest price offered we were able to find is on for $268. We feel that while you are still getting a lot of value for your money at this price point, consumers should be aware that it is on average $70 higher than other industrial styled bar carts. The rating of this would be closer to a 9/10 if the team at Tribecca Homes could bring the price down closer to $200.


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