Simple, Sleek & Affordable – Shoe Bench

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Design 8/10

If you are in the market for a simple entryway bench, this product may be for you. The company, Songmics, have engineered this basic design to maximize storage and simplify the assembly. From this structure, they have created a form that is easily expandable into a whole collection of different product configurations.

Like most shoe benches, the two lower shelves are fixed in place which does limit potential customization for different storage needs – but we don’t really view this as a significant drawback, as the two shelves add greater stability to the overall structure when sat upon. We would have preferred that the space between the shelves be high enough for tall boots, but this would only be a bonus feature, considering that most other available shoe racks do not include said storage space. Constructed from solid bamboo this bench has a natural resistance to mold and mildew. Benefiting from a petite footprint and full bench height, this piece is well suited for typically narrow entrance ways, bathrooms and closets.

One aspect that has not been widely addressed in reviews is the possible challenge when storing high heels, due to the slatted shelves. Unlike solid shelves, the open gaps between each slat will require you to strategically arrange the pointed heel of your shoes to prevent it from falling through.

Dimensions: 27”L x 11”D x 17”H



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Quality 8.5/10

The overall quality is quite reasonable considering the price when compared to other benches on the market. Made from solid bamboo, this is a smart choice of material when compared to the popular MDF versions. Bamboo also offers more versatility in where it can be used, with its natural strength and water resistance. Two other aspects we feel add to the general quality are, the use of bolts rather than screws (for attaching the legs and top) and the incorporation of box-joints on the top corners. The presence of these two details not only makes this product more rigid, but also instinctively reassures the user as-to the quality of the product.

Despite the weight capacity rating of 260lbs, concerns have been raised by customers who claim that the seat slats tend to creak when someone heavier sits on it. Bamboo products usually consist of several layers laminated together, as most bamboo shoots have a smaller growing radius. As with most laminated wood products, there are several possibilities for occurrence of the creaking phenomenon, including but not limited to, board lamination density, tightness of fasteners, load capacity, etc.

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Value 10/10

Currently the lowest price for this shoe bench can be found on for only $35.99! (By comparison, the average price for similar benches is around $45.00) This is by far one of the lowest prices for a solid wood bench we have come across. The combination of good design and reliable construction, give this product a perfect value score.



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