Three Best Picks For Wooden Bed Frames

Spring is the best time to renovate and update your living spaces, thus many of you might be in search of a new replacement for your bed frame – Luckily we have done the homework for you! We researched some of the best values as well as our favorite Rove Concepts design. Scroll down to see what we have discovered!


     1.   Wood Platform Bed

Zinus Wooden Bed Frame

Design: 8/10

Our first pick is one of the Zinus’s wooden bed frame designs. Its simple design takes an average of 30 minutes to assemble, that has also been confirmed by many customers’ reviews. The bed frame has been designed to hold the mattress without a box spring, by employing the use of wooden support slats that distribute the weight of the mattress evenly. The frame also doesn’t take extra space around the bed and gives a clean look to your bedroom. It comes in three different colours: pine, cherry and espresso and has a great finish to it that gives it a high end appearance. One aspect that deters from the look and storage functionality of this unit, is the addition of several mid-support legs.  We feel that, had the design team resolved this issue (or provided better styling) we would have given this frame a higher score.

wooden bed frame

Quality: 8.5/10

The quality of the Zinus’s solid wood frame has been measured to be better than most of its competitors, as the sturdy frame and wooden slats provide very strong support to the mattress. The legs are designed to sit flush with the frame which provides extra support to withstand additional weight. Overall this frame is a well constructed piece of furniture, however, we did come across some flaws within the assembly process.  In some instances, slats were not properly cut to seamlessly meet the other supporting parts, leading to the mattress’s weight not being evenly distributed. These instances are of course, very rare and are compensated for by the substantial quality of the outer frame.


Value: 9.5/10

Currently priced at $150 this bed frame is a steal when compared to similar items. Its’ accurate design and sturdy structure surely yields great value.


     2.    Solid Hardwood Platform Bed Frame

Hardwood Bed Frame

Design: 7.5/10

Our second pick goes to the Best Price Mattress from Amazon. Just as in the previous bed frame, this unit is designed to eliminate the need for a box-spring, as the wooden slats do the work. The frame sports the Scandinavian wood styling and coloring, which may or may not be appropriate for your house. The 4 corner legs were designed to protrude slightly from the frame’s edge, which results in need for 8 capped bolts. This feature drastically contrasts the ideals of Scandinavian design and deters from the clean look. One feature that we appreciate on this unit is the elevated edging which secures the mattress in place, preventing it from sliding off the edge.

Hardwood Bed Frame Dimensions

Quality: 7/10

Even though the frame itself is designed from hardwood the quality of the Best Price Mattress hasn’t been graded very high. The wooden center slats have been made a too thin, which brings doubt to the consumer as to whether it’s going to support the mattress and the additional weight. The middle supporting legs are not made from the hardwood and appear as though they are an afterthought; further, some of them don’t always meet the floor, which contradicts the exact purpose of the support structure. The width of the frame has been made a little too big, which can be helpful for making the bed, but visually unappealing.


Value: 8/10

For the price of $170 and free shipping, getting a hardwood bed seems like a great deal. Even with the aforementioned flaws in the quality, the value of the bed seems to outshine the minor imperfections. Amazon has just a few of them left in stock.


     3.   Danish Teak-Inspired Walnut Veneer Bed Frame

Asher Wooden Bed from Rove Concepts

Design: 9.5/10

This Asher Bed by Rove Concepts has really struck our attention for its minimalistic design and slim features. Despite the minimalistic styling, this unit will make quite the statement in any bedroom. Asher Bed’s well-designed structure relies on the slightly angled legs and 45-degree frame’s edges that point towards the center of the frame, a design feature used to increase stability. Though a ledged frame is not for everyone, this concept takes full advantage of this feature by adding a slight chamfer to it, differentiating it from the traditional styling.


Asher Wooden Bed from Rove Concepts

Quality: 7/10

Vancouver’s Rove Concepts pride themselves in quality pieces and beautiful craftsmanship, and the Asher Bed is no exception. Made in small quantities, each design is well thought out with exceptional attention to detail. Their business practices are developed with sustainability in mind, thus creating not only beautifully crafted pieces but also responsible ones.  Just as the picture depicts, the frame has a beautiful smooth finish, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. The one deterrent to this item is that the frame itself is made from an MDF with walnut veneer. Now this would not typically be an issue with such an elegant design however, with the price point as such, we feel the frame should have also been produced in a solid wood.

Value: 6.5/10

With the given design, Asher Bed retails at a current price of $1970. We feel this is slightly expensive for the material selection; however the overall aesthetic is still gorgeous. Even with our two lower ratings (quality and value) we included this unit to showcase how nice design can really affect perceptions of product value.

This style comes in walnut colour both in queen and king sizes. To purchase this gem Click Here.


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