The Wooden Wine Crate

Wooden Wine Crate at Market Maison is perfect for your next DIY project, catering a party, or adding a charming feature to your kitchen’s décor. Wherever your interest lies, we’ve got you covered this weekend and for many more!


Wooden Wine Crate Exclusively at Market Maison. Organizer for Wine Bottles.


Design 9/10

The Wooden Wine Crate was designed with the intention that it will be your portable wine and spirits go-to crate. Truly designed for your convenience with its minimalistic approach, this crate finds its purpose in many places. Given the portability and stacking feature, it delivers your wine to any destination secure and without spill or breakage; helping provide you with a stress free party mood 🙂  

Each wine rack holds up to six bottles. Our deal includes two wine racks, making it a total capacity of 12 bottles, with further stacking capabilities.


Wooden Wine Crate Exclusively at Market Maison. Organizer for Wine Bottles. Easily Portable.


Each rack has two openings from the sides, designed to provide portable feature of handles, on average fitting up to three or four fingers. The bottles are kept secure in both vertical and horizontal positions by the locking hardware. The simple look of Canadian hemlock wood was kept in its natural state, giving room for a DIY project that can customize the crate to your specific style.


Wooden Wine Crate Exclusively at Market Maison. Sliding wooden cover keeps bottles in their place.


Most of all, we like the well-designed rack’s crate feature allowing a full display of bottles labels; giving you a quick access to your favourite wines, while still in stacked position. Bottles can be turned all around to view back labels.


Wooden Wine Crate Exclusively at Market Maison. Locking hardware used to secure the unit for transportation.


Quality 9/10

We really enjoy the quality of design in this unit. The modest approach that has led to its simple use and convenience displays quality design work. The unit is also simple in its materials, having only used a few: the Canadian Hemlock Wood, lock hardware, and additional bolts needed for the assembly. Although the crate comes unassembled, you really gain appreciation for this piece when you get to put all the pieces together yourself. That also allows all the DIY-ers to colour each piece individually as opposed to trying to get to every corner when the unit is already assembled.


Value 10/10

This crate is a sweet deal. You can Preorder your Wooden Wine Crate set for only $49.99 USD exclusively at Market Maison. The price includes zero tax, so hurry while this deal lasts!



Editor’s Note:


Please note, this offer is only available for preorder, for customers residing in United States, US.

See product’s shop page for more information. 


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